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Obligatory Christmas Post

Woke up at five, came upstairs, found no one awake, went back to sleep, to Mincha's great scorn. Then got pounced by Faya at ten to six. Then surrendered and got up. Fell asleep again at eleven, on the couch, half from being sleepy, the other half from the Chowder on my legs and the Sheba on my arm.

I shall not list all my loot. However:

*dances in completely unfeigned surprise* I got RoTK:EE! And the Minas Tirith statue, which isn't actually white, but close enough. *dancedance*

The Cousins present I opened last night was from lisew - contained Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Thus we discovered that our relatives are wussies. Wouldn't play the "you pick it, you eat it" game at all. Cowardly aunties. :P

Okay, no, not so much surprise. But I got it! Fwee! Also a Japanese tea set and another set of painted Japanese teacups! Very pretty. Faya gave me bowls. To match my other bowls. And now I have six.

And plenty of gift certificates and a twenty and a photo album that looks like a sweater. And Mum made me a poncho. It's big and warm and has a Mexican print on it. Or something similar. But it's pretty.

The puppies completely freaked out for a solid hour and Chowder is frighteningly competent at opening presents - his own and anyone else's he can reach.

And I got tickets for the Arrogant Worms! Sixth row! Only two. But we can certainly get more. I need a proper list, now, of everyone who wants to go. February 17th. We can buy starting the 15th of January, so I need those names by next week or so so Mum can order 'em. They're $19.97 apiece. *very excited* I've missed the Worms in concert by a few days at least four times, and this time I won't! :D

Still several presents under the tree, ones from and for Grampa we won't open 'til he comes for supper, and ones for other people coming tomorrow (dianahobart, yshynseth, wixon, mik100, dragonfly13, that would be you! :D), some of which are very cool.

(I like Christmas. Still can't wait 'til tomorrow, though. :)

There's something on TV with nuns in claymation. Um.

Puppies sleeping on the couch, and our tree still looks a little like a bush, and of course we haven't got a White Christmas, because that would be weird.

Waaaaaaiiiit. This looks like 17th-century Europe, and the claymation nun is singing White Christmas. The hell? (Yes, I nitpick. Shush. That song's from the 50s.)

I smell turkey-smell. Which means it's almost time to start making the sweet potatoes and the tiny green brains and the stuffing and things. It also means it's time to go pick up Grampa. Later, all, and Happy Whatever.

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