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Dead white guy TV on the Knowledge Network. The chronicles of David Thompson. Churchill expedition. Yes. He talks about beavers as pets, kept by the dead white guys running trading posts on Hudson Bay.

Which... um... nice? Warm fuzzy cute things. Interest in cute fuzzy things indicates a lack of utter evil. Good. Okay. But... Beavers?! Dude, I've *met* beavers. Beavers are not *nice*. They're not even quite as calm as ferrets. Or gerbils. I get hamsters. Hamsters can be evil or cute, but one way or the other, they can't go batshit and rip out your throat. Or rather, the former, but not the latter.

Beavers are different. o.O

Colonists were crazy.

Which I guess is a redundant statement, because I suppose any colonist would have to be a little bit crazy. "Here, urbanized person! Leave behind everything you've ever known, never to return, and we'll drop you in this completely-unexplored wilderness that often gets quite chilly. But we'll leave you a shovel and a blanket. You'll be fine." Though I always wonder how in hell this country ever got colonised. I guess poverty and desperation played a part. But I mean... one winter in Nova Scotia convinced me that the East coast was not an environment suited to human habitation. My gods, the cold. THE COLD. SNOW IN APRIL. This should indicate to anyone that people are not meant to live here. We had this conversation last night, my parents and I, and we agree that if the continent had been colonized from West to East, rather than East to West, there would be no major cities East of Cranbrook.

(Which, ooh. Is an interesting thought...! Stop that! Twenty-eight books-in-progress!

No, we are *not* starting another book. Stop that right now.



Okay, I'm changing the channel, now.

EDIT: Yes, I noticed. (*SQUEE!*)


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