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I'm always bragging about my procrastinating skills. And apparently some of you think I'm exaggerating. But during exam time, or midterm time, or during any time when there is an imminent paper or assignment, my efficiency and productivity absolutely skyrocket. For example, in the past five days I have:

- Written and posted three chapters - 49 1/2 pages - of a massive three-universe crossover fic that's been three years in progress but is now finished.

- Written a chapter and a half (about 25 pages) of Peacemaker.

- Added thirteen families to the Kurk family tree, making a current total of 223 people and 83 families, over an average of seven generations.

- Invented the lovely peach sauce stuff.

- Made six pots of old-style hot chocolate, fiddling with ingredients and creating my best recipe yet.

- Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.

- DUSTED. I shit you not.

See? It's like sickness.

A useful sickness, but... still.

I swear I'm going back to studying now. ;)

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