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I really need to progress from psycho-obsessive family trees to maps, again. Because I just wrote in the common kitchen at Crystallis and suddenly got an image of teenagers doing their homework there whilst sneaking a midnight snack, social studies and math textbooks spread across the table, and a cupcake winging its way across the room from the counter by dint of a chocolate craving and some delinquently-applied telekinesis, which image opened up a whole new range of character POVs...

...should be writing my 316 final. Yes.

And ohmygods I have invented the yummiest peach sauce ever. It goes on waffles and it has peaches and brown sugar and I just added orange juice and now it's even *better*, though lemon juice would have been better if I'd had any.

It's very, very good. Yes. *sprints for waffles*

EDIT: May I just emphasize the OMGsogood?

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