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A warning, and a plug...

...Chilean nectarines. I bought some today, expecting (as is usual for any fruit bought in Nova Scotia) for them to be sub-standard. However, I later discovered that they were so juicy I had to eat them over the sink. Certainly unexpected. But yummy.

I *gasp* wrote fic last night. Well, story, anyway. I wrote more C vs. E. I'll post it eventually...

Did you know they made Bubble Tape in Sour Apple? Wow.

I bought a teapot. I got tired of drinking tea cup-by-cup - makes it taste funny. Unfortunately, while it's a lovely little plain white ceramic teapot, it seems that they don't use tea-cozies in Nova Scotia. *long suffering sigh*

It seems vaguely silly to be writing home for a tea-cozy...

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