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There is snow up here. Not severe snow, but serious snow. Yes, this is a distinction. It is in southwest BC, anyway. The point is that it is gross. I am comforted only by the fact that the class I have in half an hour is my last one of the semester, hurrah! *does a tired little dance* I would be more enthusiastic about it if my head didn't hurt so much. Also I am sniffly and a little bit dizzy, still.

My sisters were all excited about the snow when it started yesterday, until I pointed out to them that if it snows for more than a few days, we'll have used up our snow quota 'til February. Then they hit me with pillows and ran away. Brats. :P

I am going to fall asleep in class. It is inevitable. Also unimportant, fortunately, so long as I wake up in time for the exam outline, which gods willing *is* a take-home. I'm still hoping I didn't imagine or dream that he told us it would be. If it is, I might actually do better than just pass this class. Apparently I do papers in archaeology better than tests. And this is a sign for me to never, ever take archaeology again. After this semester, I only need five more classes. Then I have to plan some more.

I am very sleepy. *yawn*

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