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Um. Kim yelled at me, so here's me making note: I've updated the So Weird/Buffy/Paxverse megafic. Most of you need not pay too much mind, as at the moment I think the entire fanbase of this story are mik100 and wixon and a couple of teenagers who still pay more attention to the badly-written ripoff story, but I would never say that because I'm not a bad sport and it would be petty to do so, even if I do use grammatically-correct Gaelic in my stories purely for the sake of authenticity, damnit .

Anyway. I have decided my plotting method is exceedingly silly.

So I'll have annotated note-form outeliney stuff and then I'll get an idea and do the word-processor equivalent of scribbling illegibly in the margins, like:

-Big ceremony. Annie is Adopted properly, and Jack finally takes his oath. Applause, happy, shiny warm fuzzy feelings, la la la.

-Jack walks Annie back to the infirmary; they have a talk, Annie happily observes that there's something different about him then adorably realizes that it's because he's happy! There is cuteness, and then a very chaste, innocent kiss

And then will segue off into randomly-inspired chunks of dialogue, such as:

"...that made Jack feel dizzy and stupid and strangely thrilled, at once disinclined to go anywhere and yet anxious to leave before he could do anything stupid and ruin the moment. So he excused himself, stuttering, Annie grinning with, bafflingly, absolutely no sign of embarassment and a sort of grace and amusement that he had to assume was a trait unique only to girls."

...which I thought was just exceptionally cute, but maybe that's just me(...???). ;)

At the moment I'm at the almost-but-not-quite-finished point in the writing process where I know what's going to happen to everyone, and when, but I'm filling in the fun bits because the next chronological bit is the big action scene, and I suck at those. Unfortunately this approach tends to slow me down for years at a time, but this one's been going for three years already (gods - it actually has been three years *falls over*) so I don't suppose a few weeks more will matter. Though I fully expect to be inspired and writing at a good clip at exactly the same moment I should be cramming for an exam next week. In fact I'd bet on it if I had anything to bet - which reminds me: I am broke and you're all getting crappy presents from me this year. Unless you really, really like baked goods, in which case you totally hit the jackpot. ;)

lilymc has apparently started drinking coffee (and I swear this happened after that bloody "Oh gods Jordan's drinking coffee the blasphemy!!11" jokethatwouldn'tdie in Leaving Normal) to stay up late and finish projects. This indicates to me that my parents have failed miserably with her, mostly in not addicting her properly to tea at a younger age as they did with me. Tea taken in sufficient quantities builds up in the body and delivers a significantly higher degree of "OMGIAmSoAwake!!!" energy than coffee does, with the added benefit of No Caffiene Crash. In my experience, anyway. The same might not be said of the sugar that my baby sister puts in her tea, which for the record is now one and one half teaspoons more than *I* use, which as anyone who has ever been in my house for more than fifteen minutes or has seen me early in the morning will know is, shall we say, a significant amount. This amount was previously exceeded only by dianahobart, who outstrips me only by avoiding the pesky inconvenience of a teaspoon and simply adds her sugar with a scoop. ;)

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