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Planning to meet privately with Harper, and demanding that protesters be confined. Wow. That didn't take long. Ye gods, you fucking COWARDS. Show some fucking balls and listen to the people shouting very, very loudly that they don't want the man in the fucking country, let alone warm and fuzzy with our government or our industries. And isn't it amazing that he waited until he was in his second term and Chretien was gone? Waited until the PM with a spine was out. Shock. (You'd think that the fact that just about every visit Bush has made recently has resulted in big protests would tell the man something - oh, that's right. He makes sure he never actually has to *see* or *hear* those mean nasty demonstrators.)

I especially like the Bellydancers for Bush, but if I lived in Ottawa, boy would I be getting preemptively pissed about now. *headshake* And good for you, Halifax. I hope there are so many protests that not a single Bush/Martin appearance shows up on the news. *spiteful*

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