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Nov. 29th, 2004

Eeee! It's Assignment: Earth! Apparently they were going to turn this into its own series, and that's why there's so much detail on Gary Seven, but the studio turned it down. Which is a pity, because this is the period in Earth History in the Trekverse about which we know the least. If they'd made Assignment: Earth into a series, it would have filled that massive gap quite nicely - and it would likely have gone all the way up to First Contact with it, too. Sigh.

Stupid Enterprise. Stupid overly-emotional Vulcans. >.<

EDIT: And now I'm thinking about how cool it would be if they now finally carried through with making Assignment: Earth into a proper series. A miniseries would be sufficient, I think. It would be extremely cool. Or bringing Gary Seven into the next movie, if only in passing. Or something. I mean, I guess they couldn't use Robert Lansing and Terri Garr, but they could manage. Although I have an unpleasant suspicion that they would make Isis with CGI (and now I have a horrible image in my head of them reproducing Isis like Salem *shudder*), it would still be cool. As cool as (or cooler than) if they made Federation News Service or Star Fleet Academy or something.

Have now overwhelming urge to write Assignment: Earth fic. Damnit. Mustn't. Have paper. Grr. What is this addiction I have to filling massive continuity gaps never touched by canon for the express purpose of amusing myself? I mean, gods... Cold Comforts and O, Brave New World weren't bad enough? Oh. Also Twilight Arc, though I'm not entirely to blame for that last one. ;) Must exercise self-control. Definitely must. *restrains self*

*whimpers* Somebody stop me!


Nov. 30th, 2004 12:36 am (UTC)
see, I never saw books as counting towards canon. I never even concidered it. Beside, the book was written long before we found out that latinum was liquid.
Nov. 30th, 2004 12:44 am (UTC)
Yes... it's just that DS9 was the only Trek where the characters ever really even *touched* currency, and you'd think that before they scripted conversations about solid economies, they'd have a glance over the one book that deals *exclusively* with the main currency in the quadrant. Silly continuity editors. *headshake*


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