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Well *that* was a rapid U-turn...

...my ironymeter is still lying in shards on the floor, unfortunately, but:

"We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards," said Powell at a news conference in Washington. "We call on all sides to achieve a fair and just outcome without force."

To absolutely no one's surprise, Canada has made yet another public statement condemning the election results. The reason we did not do this three weeks ago is because our new helicopters aren't finished yet and the Atlantic is very big and it takes foreign aid some time to reach us. ;)

So, just out of curiosity, what exactly *are* these "international standards", and, uh... did November 2nd meet them? Not inciting, just... wondering.

Also, is it just me, or is Colin Powell really, really creepy-looking? Somehow I expect I'm realizing this late in the game.

EDIT: They're talking about whether or not to send in the military to disperse the demonstrators. Oh. Yes. Now THAT will go over well. o.O


Nov. 24th, 2004 10:37 pm (UTC)
Basically what happenned in Ukraine was the reality rather than the mirage that the extreme fringe of the dissatisfied voters in the US accused the government of. Instead of a couple of computer hiccups you had systematic ballot staffing, you had uniformed and secret police intimidating people and you had journalists and members of the opposition being disappeared. Plus interference of the foreign country, intent on reacquiring Ukraine.

Not to put a crimp in the neat "Bush=Hitler," and "US is taken over by a Nazi clique" slogans but this is what it really looks like when it happens. Although I am falling in the same trap. Not a nazi but certainly an authoritarian and possibly fascist.

Ukraine (and Poland to a certain extent) are a perfect example of Canada's national psychosis come true. They, like Canada, are doomed by geography to be trapped in the immidiate proximity to a Great Power, dwarfing them in population, industry and military and cultural cohesion (althouh Poland managed to escape that particular weakness at the end of 19t century)

However, in Canada's case their nightmare remains a sumblimated 'what if.' Ukraine is currently living through yet another very real manifestation of theirs as Putin continues what appears to a long-term attempt to reconstitute the Empire.

And it is no accidnt that the second largest demostration in the world protesting this election is Cracow.


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