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Sociology and lobsters. Today is weird.

I've been wandering aimlessly/anxiously for the past hour and a half, trying to kill time 'til my next class, and I only just realized: Lost tonight! Hurrah! I finished the paper and the only other thing I have to do this week is prepare my Monty Python presentation and I've only got ONE OTHER PAPER after that and it's only 1500 words and the semester's almost over and there's LOST TONIGHT! *does dance*

Gods... so tired.

Ran into ShinyBlueLeatherJacket guy while waiting for a workstation in the PC lab just now and didn't recognize him for a minute without the jacket. Had that one creative writing class with him three semesters back? He wrote very strange but well-written stories about drug-trips and smuggling cartels and talking lobsters. Actually re-introduced himself as "the Lobster Guy, yeah". That was funny. He's in Sciences. *shudder* I mean, impressed, but. *shudder*

Yes. I remembered recently (some time around three this morning) exactly why I never considered going into the sciences after about the age of six when "I wanna be a doctor" was supplanted by "I wanna be a superhero" and remained supplanted. Not enough intuiting. Too many numbers. Too much with the teeny-weeny-itty-bitty measured-to-death segments of the Really, Really Big Picture that you're supposed to keep in mind even when completely absorbed in the itty-bitty segment. I keep reading my 223 textbook and getting sucked into long discourses on projectile points and why this one is more important than this one and had something to do with wild rice in the Lake Forest region and blinking, and looking up, and going: "Huh. It's two hours later." And not remembering any of the obsessive specifics or dates or lattitudes or migration patterns or climate shifts but remembering stuff like the structure of a pit house and how cool it is that they were used over and over again, and about tipi-base stone rings are found all over the Plains but a lot of them are too small to have been actual tipis and are thought to have been symbolic, and thinking that was so neat that I decided to name the film and TV part of Fantasi Mythic Tipi Films.

I took a test, once - that test that tells you whether you're right or left-brained? And I got a result that told me I was neither. Or both. Let's go with both. Though I never was any good at math. I think there's a block in my left brain. Some of it works fine - biology, I get, for instance - but math not so much. *clings desperately to the Arts*

A guy stopped me on my way out of RCB and asked me to answer some questions for a survey. He was trying to prove that younger siblings in multiple-sibling families tend to be more socially active than older ones because older ones get earlier attention and more intensive conditioning and are more set into traditional social behaviour. I answered his questions (stuff like "in the interest of civil disobedience would you trespass on private property?" and "would you risk getting arrested") and afterwards he stared at his clipboard and went "Huh. You went totally opposite to my theory."

He looked so disappointed I had to point out that I was probably not a very typical example, that I was older than my sisters than most people are (did you know that the official generational divider lies somewhere during 1985?), and that my family is very weird, with a social worker for a mum and a dad who writes Fantasy RPGs. He laughed and said yes, that was probably true, and he needed more subjects anyway, and then we talked about formation of personality based on parental attention prior to societal exposure (no, really, we actually talked about that) and how the generational divider tends to define a lot of extremes: people from the 1980-1985 era mostly split more evenly into the apathetic consumer and the intellectual citizen, and the other half of the decade is a sort of an undefinable political mush... it was fun having an intelligent conversation with a total stranger. College is fun. :)

On that note, thank the gods that the semester is almost over, again.

Movie Friday! Incredibles with mik100. Yay, excited. (Kim? Phone after Lost? If you're home. I can't remember.)

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