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Just when you thought it was over...

KYIV, UKRAINE - Leonid Kuchma, the departing president of Ukraine, issued a statement late Tuesday calling for negotiations to end a mounting civil protest over allegedly rigged vote-counting in Sunday's presidential election.
...Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched on the Ukrainian parliament to protest the commission's declaration that Yanukovich earned 49.42 per cent of the vote to Yushchenko's 46.70 per cent.

...sound familiar, anyone?

Canadian reaction: major protests in the streets, big names making outraged statements on the news, calls by the PM for an investigation

American reaction: official statement emphatically recommending that nobody certify any results, and that the government enthusiastically back the accused fake, and quick, burn the evidence before the Canadians get here

...and the world over, ironymeters exploded loudly and with great violence.

So... um... why didn't North Americans get more upset like this when... you know what? Never mind. Too easy. *headshake*

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