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The morning thus far:

5:35 - get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, have tea

7:02 - leave building for bus

7:03 - reach intersection of 10th and 6th; gape at unbelievably long line of Westbound cars stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions, while the Eastbound lane is moving fairly smoothly

7:03:30 - decide to take Eastbound bus to Braid rather than Westbound to 22nd Street

7:04 - reach bus stop

7:11 - Westbound bus reaches stop on other side of street

7:23 - Westbound bus still sitting ten feet from stop

7:37 - Westbound bus now sitting twenty feet from stop

7:44 - people start walking up the road from Westbound stop

7:54 - I glance at my watch, realize that even if the bus comes now I'll be twenty minutes late for class, and walk back to my building

8:02 - I get home, change back into jammies, and turn on Stargate


I figure I'll stay here and write my paper instead. But ye gods, what is up with the traffic? It's usually bad in the mornings, but never *this* bad. o.O

On the subject of my paper: I was all worried about having done virtually no prep work, but it turns out that it only has to be 6 pages long. So. Yeah. I'm good. :)

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