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OMG. Did anyone else know that Teletoon knowingly aired cartoons with gay characters?! Like, guy character referring to "my ex-boyfriend"? I mean, it *is* a Canadian station, but when the hell did Teletoon (and CityTV, for that matter) get that bold? o.O

Cartoons! *baffled*


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Nov. 23rd, 2004 08:16 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Which show is this, by the way?

I've seen gay references in... Home Movies, The Simpsons (there was that gay best friend that owned the junk shop and then the whole rogaine-spoof thing, and several instances of Mr.Burns/Smithers and Carl/Lenny innuendo) and Duckman... (those carebears, Pinky and the other one, they're gay lovers). Nevermind the fact that Cybersix has weird transvestitism and ran on YTV as well as Teletoon. (Even if she is a woman dressing up like a man, her relationship with... oh, darn, that blonde guy... Lucas? Yes, Lucas... is pretty messed up because he sort-of falls in love with each personae.)

...ahem, haven't commented on your livejournal in a century. How are you?

I am too obsessed with queerness and television. Oh, television.
Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:04 pm (UTC)
It's called... *checks* ...oh. Braceface. Really block character design, passable animation, verisimilitude like it's based on someone's life, main character named Sharon Spitz, voiced by Alicia Silverstone? I don't know... it always just struck me as being a squishy afterschool-special sort of thing and I'm bored at two in the afternoon and "hey, wait, Sharon's setting up her (reallyreallyobviouslyyetsecureclothingdesignerlovesCelineDionnegay) mentor/friend with a guy?" The thing that impressed me was that it was totally in-text - the focus of the storyline, so far as I could tell, was about the guy being mad that she'd set him up without asking, and the sexuality of the characters wasn't even commented upon, let alone looked upon as a "oh my god, the Gay, how do we deal?!" sort of thing. I was all impressed, because this was a sort of a preteen/teenage cartoon (the chars are apparently all in middle school), and it was the middle of the day, and the characters are treating it as totally normal and I was, again, impressed. It wasn't even, like, hinting or snark, it was two guys in a dating situation. Yes. Coolness. Television. ;)

Me? I'm good, more or less. Am right at this moment in the middle of a very small nervous breakdown over a paper I've barely started in a class I would now really like to drop, but can't without paperwork and grovelling. Really, really glad the semester's almost over. *hopeful look toward December*
Nov. 24th, 2004 12:50 am (UTC)
Wow, it's kind of rare for there to be gayness without the whole "let's have a moral dealing-with-it-like-in-that-one-episode-of-My-So-Called-Life kind of way".... Too bad I find the animation and plot of Braceface so horribly dull. -_- The token ethnic-minority-as-a-best-friend, blonde character whose braces don't mitigate the fact that she wears pink and has blue eyes... myeh. Am vaguely impressed that episode got past the censors, though.

Ah, that feeling of wishing you could drop a course, but can't. Technically although the electronic system won't let you, if you go to a counsellor and weep a bit they *might* write you a note letting you get the people at academic advising to drop you... buuut it's a long shot, and a waste of money to boot, so you may as well do a half-assed job on the paper and cram for the exam or something. :/

Then again, I'm one to talk. :p

And I use far too many emoticons! OMG emoticon overload. ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_aargh
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