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Okay. Daily Show.

Protestors praying against some new judge position. I don't remember the details. I just remember this guy.

Crazy!Christian Protestor: "It was JUDGES who decriminalized abortion! It was JUDGES that removed prayer from public schools! And it was JUDGES who voted to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance..."

He's yelling with great stupidity passion against the evils of judges, or some specific judge, or democracy, or something, and I'm sitting here considering the choreography of the opening steps of a "Yay! Judges!" dance.

My first thought was that there are clearly massive chasms of perceptual difference between crazy morons religiously-focused voters and those of us who consider religion to be obscenely out-of-place in any kind of purportedly democratic government.

The second was that I am a godless heathen, and I love it.

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