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I knew they were up to something. It was the creepy laughter that clued me in. The creepy, simultaneous, *timed* laughter.

And CRAP now I definitely am starting to like Logan. And Finn. And the other guy. (Colin?) And Stephanie. I think Stephanie. I haven't decided.

I should know better, I know. That all guys who might conceivably hit on Rory that Rory does not immediately verbally flay are destined to be either painfully boring, lacking in ambition, or incurable asshats.

Hah! That's right! You are in fact not good enough for her! Keep driving!

...and the poolhouse thing! "She hasn't had enough champagne!" Bwahahah!

And aww, sweet helpful Logan. Did actually not make a move on her when she was all weepy. Am impressed and still suspicious but very impressed. And crowd of adoring snarky brilliant Yale boys. That was beautiful. And get that look off your face, Lorelei.

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