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Ah, spring.

Actually, fall, but they're strikingly similar around here, so you'll forgive me.

Also, apparently near-death experiences make bus drivers quippy.

Me: *asleep*
MP3 Player: *playing pretty soothing Mononoke music*
Bus Driver: "Looks like what they say at UBC is true. SFU students really do have their heads in the clouds."
Me: *blinking awake*
Bus: *thud, thud*
Me: *looks outside*
Window: *is blank white*

We reached the first stop about a minute later.

Bus: *thud, thud, creeeak jerk, sudden stop*
Me: *disembarks*
Outside: *monsoon*
Me: *does not have umbrella*
Concourse, ten metres up: *is bone dry*
Me: *is walking through an ACTUAL CLOUD*

I just love how all those "Come to BC to Work, Learn, and Play!" commercials invariably take place on breezy, sun-drenched mountain peaks, with young and old frolicking amid the trees. La la la, come here, it's pretty and dry!

DON'T LISTEN. *shivers*

I kid. I love rain. Just not so much in love with the instant monsoon-from-nowhere kind, is all. *shifty-eyed glance at window*

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