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The Ira Graves episode of TNG is on right now, and I just watched the scene where Data does the endless eulogy at the funeral, and something occurred to me. The beaming-the-body-into-space thing is a takeoff on naval tradition, yes? Which isn't done anymore, I know. Whatever. Now, in Classic Trek bodies were jettisoned into space, not beamed. But if by the 24th century everything is done with the transporter... wouldn't it make more sense to dematerialize the body, instead of sending it, casket and all, out to drift through the "endless depths of space"? Wouldn't that be the ultimate form of cremation? Reducing the body to its component molecules? I think so. Plus it would have saved us from that one episode of Voyager where Lizard!Lindsay Ballard (And while we're on the subject, does anyone actually remember seeing her before she supposedly "died" and traumatized Harry? Poor Harry.) descended upon Harry, a Mary Sue returned from the dead to seek her revenge and the devoted attention of the entire crew, including the random Borg children. Yes, that was very clever, having Mezati take the call at the beginning of the episode. Very cute. Shameless and almost unforgivably hack-like, but cute.

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