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*gape* Did anyone else know that there's a Power Rangers on TV at seven in the morning?

Can anyone tell me why?! What is this, the sixty-seventh Power Rangers series? There are apparently four Power Rangers in this version. What do they do, flip a coin? Have a pseudo-plot grab-bag? Oh, and one of them is apparently evil. And now there's some little kid who is either an evil supervillain masquerading as a little kid or a really, really awful lipsynch, and in the case of this show both are equally likely.

They really, really need to let this thing die. o.O

Anyway, the real point of this post was this:
10,318 / 50,000

I mean, it's two and a half weeks in and I only just hit one-fifth, but that's a hell of a lot further than I got last year.

...I should be doing homework.

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