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Every time I hear Britney Spears referred to as the "Queen of Teen", I find myself deeply grateful for the fact that I am no longer a teenager. Because if I were, I would find myself morally, politically, and otherwise obligated to rally an army of my oppressed countrymen, and mount a bloody coup that would end with the severed head of the usurper being paraded through the streets on a rusty pike, as a warning to the next ten generations that some favours come with too high a price... Drifted off into Vir-geekery, there. Sorry. Such things will happen when I allow the parts of my brain responsible for politics, pop culture, and sci-fi to mingle without supervision. ;)

EDIT: Speaking of which, I don't even *watch* the O.C. on a regular basis, and have seen about five episodes ever (and the fact that that did not significantly affect my understanding of the show when I *did* turn it on says a great deal about the depth and complexity of the storyline ;), but just now, Seth rhapsodizing about the emancipation of the comic book geek? Bwahahahah! *so amused*

Also, will now never, ever again be able to see Dominic Monaghan in anything without wanting peanut butter. ;)

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