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Ah, Newsies. *overall swoon*
Eighteen-year-old Christian Bale. Always forget he's English. Dancing David Moscow. Harmonicas. Dancing! So much well-choreographed dancing!

I want to live in Musical World. Where you can break into song about what's going on in your day and not only does nobody look at you funny, but they JOIN IN. And HARMONIZE. And KNOW ALL THE MOVES.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE THIS MOVIE, with an all-consuming passion. And now I own it. *repeat swoon*

I think mik100's right. (BTW, Kim? 1992.) They threw in David's sister at the last second to tone down the gay. Because this movie rivals El Dorado in the unbelievably blatant yet oh-so-unbelievably-adorable-I'm-so-jealous slash. ;)

Ele Keats, on the special features, is talking about how she was the only girl on set with a thousand guys, and I'm sitting here thinking "yeah, that's because YOU'RE AN AFTERTHOUGHT".

I shouldn't mock her. She immediately admits, as Christian Bale accuses, that she loved the attention.

Apparently she and David Moscow masterminded all the practical jokes against Kenny Ortega. They filled his trailer with newspapers! :D

My GODS, I LOVE THIS MOVIE. *dances, sings, la la la*

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