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One more question... 545 electoral votes in total, right? So... 270 to win. Leaving 275.



So not only is the great democracy's leadership not determined by a popular vote, it's not even determined by a majority of the votes of the big stupid filter apparatus?

Why isn't it 273 to win? *so very, very confused because it DOESN'T MAKE ANY GODSDAMNED SENSE*

Don't mind me. I'm from a country where we actually COUNT ALL OUR VOTES. >.<

EDIT: *recounts* ...huh. 538, you say? I don't know. That's what it *says*, but it still seems like an arbitrary number. o.O

FURTHER EDIT: *throws up hands* Nope, forget it, I've read it, and re-read it, and read it elsewhere, and counted, and recounted, and it's *still* stupid. Ye gods. It's a part of a purportedly democratic system that serves to systematically disregard a portion of the popular vote. It's completely idiotic and it makes me gleefully amused about the recent by-election that tossed out the Conservative riding govt (that won in June with 43%) and voted in the NDP at 53%, after getting only, like, 2% in June. That's right. PERCENT. :P

*can't wait 'til spring*

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