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Okay, so I really don't understand the intricacies of the whole Electoral College thing, though I'm told, by people with more advanced math skills, that it's staggeringly inaccurate, what with not counting actual percentages (which I thought were... uh... the whole point?). Is this like the College of Cardinals? 'Cause as I recall, that didn't work out so well, what with the excommunication and the kneeling in the snow and the deposing and the looting and the massacres, and all.

Also I find the whole chad thing confusing and rather intimidating, in the same way that I find truck-weight punch-card IBMs intimidating, in the sense that OMG what is wrong with a big circle, and a little "X"? It's really hard to disqualify or misinterpret a vote made with a number 2 pencil. (I think I like ours better. The only local ballot controversy we had our last election was the recount of New West because it's full of students and hippies and no one could believe it came out Conservative.)

I'm not watching CNN anymore. I swore off it for a reason four years ago and now it's giving me a headache. o.O

Eehee. But! CBC editorial cartoons re: the U.S. election. *snickers madly*

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