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To the teenagers down on the sidewalk...

Listen, you little asshats: Hallowe'en is over. It was over about twenty-three hours ago. SO YOU CAN STOP SETTING OFF FIRECRACKERS NOW. For the love of all the gods. >.<

Ack. There goes another one. If I had a hose... *shakes fist powerlessly out balcony door*

I wouldn't mind, but they're the Really Big Single Explosion kind, and they're *right* under my balcony. Grrr.

So, did not make class tonight. But through no fault of my own! Got caught in traffic - actually, "traffic" is too tame a word for the insane, apocalyptic, fleeing-the-city-for-higher-ground gridlock that we encountered on our way up 8th Avenue. Oh. My. Gods. People were flatly ignoring traffic laws; we stopped at one four-way stop, where the other cars seemed to have lost the I-go-first order. Then we turned on the radio and the CKNW lady referred to New West as "currently moving a bit sluggishly". Fortunately we were already past the turnoff for Canada Way at that point, so Mum could not march up there and explain to the lady the proper definition of "sluggish".

Took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get from Malardville Square to Moody Park. So, yes, I missed class. But I did the bloody outline, damnit! (So I'm going to email it to him. I think. I hope. o.O) It's only an *outline*, though, not an actual assignment. Um.

Halfway through my HIST 105 notes - midterm tomorrow, again. They split it up into two parts, for some reason. I've only got forty-seven pages of text left to catch up on, though, and my notes are reasonably good - except the last one, where the prof didn't show up and one of the TAs rattled off his notes so fast I couldn't keep up to *take* any of my own. And she neglected to turn on the mic, so I can't listen. Hopefully this will not come up as too important.

Have eps 1-26 of Last Exile. Should stop watching them now and study properly.

After one more.

And tea.

But before I go: may intelligence and reason prevail tomorrow. Good luck, America. (And VOTE. Or I WILL FIND YOU. O.O)

Which reminds me... I should get to work plotting the downfall of my provincial government. Not many months now. ;)

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