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A rather belated Samhain/Hallowe'en, and now All Saints Day, I suppose.

What's that, you ask? Did I have a nice evening? As a matter of fact, I DID, despite some party poopers and other people who went to silly parties instead of doing what I did, which was to terrify children, trick-or-treat some (with a fantastic haul, btw), and have a very nice, though uncomplicated, Feast of the Dead, at which I had peanut butter on toast.

The yard, this year? Ahem:

-corpse hanging from the basketball hoop
-legs and feet sticking out from under middlelittlesis's car in the side yard
-cobwebs everywhere
-two jack 'o lanterns
-many candles
-three hands clawing their way from the earth along the driveway
-one grave-marker off in the shadows
-two Barbie mobiles

Very nice. Reasonable crop of trick-or-treaters, but not nearly enough, really. *sigh*

Anyway. Have class in a few hours, have just finished homework, need to go home, as am still in Ridge with dragonfly13, 'cause it was very late/early when we went to sleep.

Hmm... tea.

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