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Because 'tis the season, after all...

...some things to depress us further as the U.S. election approaches:

14 Characteristics of a Fascist Regime.

And scarier, Thoughtcrime on LJ: what can happen if you dare to exercise your free speech in an open forum. Apparently the U.S. Secret Service is now "investigating" people who speak out on LJ against The Holy Republican Administration.

I was going to rejoice in my non-American-ness , but it seemed in poor taste, as many of you are trapped there. Ye gods. Also sorely tempted to start singing The War of 1812 at the top of my lungs. >.<

Speaking of which, the Arrogant Worms are coming to Maple Ridge (no, seriously - Maple Ridge), to the new ACT theatre, in spring, I believe. Could have been earlier - I'm not absolutely certain. Mum mentioned it and is going to try and secure tickets as soon as they go on sale. Anybody interested enough to toss their hat in? Come with us and get your anti-Americanism on? ;)

Yeah, that's right. Down With Bush. I said it. Nyah. Come get me, Thought Police. :P

(Is that too many dire Orwell references for one post? ;)

*goes back to admiring Gryffindor uniform*

EDIT: The ACT website says The Arrogant Worms, Thursday, February 17, 2004, 8:00 pm

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