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I'm being stalked.

Not by, like, a regular stalker. By the three people hovering around the door to the computer lab and staring at me with desperation in their eyes and murder in their hearts. *nervous look* Why they can't just bloody go next door to one of the other TWO computer labs, I have no idea. >.<

I am at school. I went to bed last night around four and set my alarm for seven and woke up at eight-thirty. Then I cursed, some, and got dressed, and ran for the bus.

Which had stopped, to let people off, and which I reached just as the doors closed, but the driver, although I'm sure he saw me, did not stop. He'd only gone about six inches when I got to the door, too. *glower*

So I waited for the next one, got here, eventually, went to the library (I really, really need to get a new printer cartridge this weekend), printed my paper, ran to class, and stumbled in late just as we were playing the "go around the table and discuss our essay topics/arguments". I hate this game, as I never formulate papers that way in my head (which is why, I always thought, we write them down), so if I'm close to the beginning I always end up sounding like an idiot because I don't have my entire thesis memorized in three sentences or less. Grr.

Got last paper back, though - that makes one A, one B+ in my first upper-division class; not bad. I deserved that B+, really - it was a confusing topic and I did most of it the night before, which doesn't usually affect the quality of my papers, but did, because at that point it was a "who cares, it's done, thank the gods" sort of thing.

Have a midterm Tuesday, for which I *must* study this weekend, and after that nothing due for a couple of weeks.

Okay; tutorial in about an hour. Must finish the reading. Then Mum and littlestsis and lunch! :D

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