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I'm pretending I don't have a paper to write, due tomorrow, that I haven't started. Play along.

I've lost my ring - the one from my left index finger that I got from Dragonspace. This upsets me. Quite a lot, actually, not the least because this happens sometimes and usually I find it, and I haven't. I thought maybe it had fallen off in a bag somewhere, because I think I'd have noticed/heard it fall off, say, on the Skytrain. I'm still hoping to find it... I haven't, yet. And my finger has that little mark around it that you get when you wear a ring a long time and then aren't wearing it anymore. It is sad. :(

I have two coupons to the student store. I think I will use them tomorrow to buy a new one.

And my boots have apparently arrived! As have my patches. Alas, I must wait 'til tomorrow to see them. :( But Mum and lilymc are coming up there for lunch tomorrow, so I will see them with lunch. :)

Funky history prof referenced Heinlein today, talking about the Boer war. Don't ask me; I don't remember the exact line of thought. It's a weird line, I know. But he described some things about South Africa, and then rambled some, and then suddenly he was saying: "It's like on the moon. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Except less Russians."

In the same class, two people behind me were talking about what they'd be doing on November 2nd - which for Canadians tends to be a depressing sort of day, as opposed to the more or less apathetic/snarky mood that descends upon the nation during *our* federal elections.

Girl: *sounding depressed* So what are you going to be doing November 2nd? Hiding?

Guy: Nope. *sounding proud* I'm going to write a paper, then go home, get drunk, and watch the election.

Girl: You are?

Guy: Well, I'm sure as hell not going to watch it sober.

I get annoyed when the bus driver at the SFU stops makes us swipe our Upasses. It's one thing on general Translink, and another equally reasonable thing to have us *show* them as we board, but at a University stop, with pretty much only University students, and University staff, it's a little stupid, and a little redundant, and a little UNBELIEVABLY BLOODY SLOW to make every single one of the two-hundred-odd people waiting to board the bus scan their passes. *sigh*

And now I once again really want a t-shirt that says TANSTAAFL in big block-letters. And a picture of the moon. ;)

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