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I feel deeply lethargic this week - I'm not sure what it is, but I am extremely unmotivated to do anything and at this precise instant, to change the subject, I am getting pissy because my head hurts and this stupid shift key is sticking, stupid incompetent campus techies.

Yeah. The campus really needs to repave itself. Seriously. Take this from someone who gets the quasi-vague-pre-motion-sickness headaches if too long on a bus; the constant bumping and leaping and having my head smacked around like a soccer ball makes it very difficult to follow my anti-headache regimen; which amounts essentially to pulling up my hood, leaning against the window, closing my eyes, and pretending I'm elsewhere.

In other news, I think it may indicate something deeply twisted about history majors in general that this morning, as the prof described a particularly involved and witty medieval book curse, and was getting to the part about any potential thief's hanging, eye-gouging death by ravens, the entire class ended up dissolving into helpless, falling-out of our chairs laughter.

Either that, or it was that it was eight-thirty in the morning. Eight-thirty classes will make anyone a little vindictive and bloodthirsty.

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