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Ah, Wednesday.

I forgot about you, Wednesday, and I missed Lost. This irritates me. (Though I *think* I can catch it on Saturday...?)

That paper I stayed up late to finish? Not due 'til next week. Apparently they pushed the deadline forward because too many people couldn't get their hands on the video. Ah, well. It's done. And between classes I spent three hours researching the Music Hall paper due next Friday, so I will actually have something to talk about in tutorial on Friday! This will be the first time, yeah. ;)

Went to grocery store, got milk and some food, and bought pomengranates. They were two for three dollars. I ate half of one with dinner, which was microwave minipizza. Ooh! And I found an abandoned McDonalds fry container on the sidewalk, and since they're doing Monopoly and since I've never pulled the stickers on a McDonalds Monopoly thing without winning something, I pulled the stickers, and I won two dollars Future Shop money. I haven't eaten McDonalds in four years and I've still got it.

So, this weekend I need to go shopping - thrift-store trawling, specifically. Nadja? Kim and I think Friday. She's got the day off, I'm done at 12:20. How 'bout you? Or have you got stupid times that day? Are you in?

Saturday Mum and I will make me a robe. And Friday my boots come! Probably.

I have no homework to do tonight. Wow. It's... weird and amazing, that's what it is. And I am sleepy. And have an obscenely early class tomorrow.

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