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When it comes to this... (paper deathwatch #1, Fall 2004)

So... it's one of these, again.

It's not a *long* paper, or anything. But I've got nothing but quotes, as of yet. And it is due at 9:30AM. Damn right I'm studious. ;)

(You would expect this to serve as a big snarky self-reminder that I should BLOODY START MY WORK EARLIER.

You would probably be wrong. If I haven't learned that after three years of post-secondary, I don't think it's likely to happen now.)

This may be slow going - at least as slow as one can go within a limit of eleven hours, with a preferred finish time of 2AM in order to get at least five hours of sleep.

I can do it. I can totally do it. :P

However, I do have ice cream, and a half-page of Blood is Thicker outline which I would desperately like to supplement with character outlines, and I have Neverwhere, which I would really like to read instead, but I'm already halfway through and if I finish it I won't have anything interesting to read on the Skytrain (although by now I really should have started... um... what's it called... Diary of a Nobody, for the next history paper.

Ye gods, there needs to be a Fall Reading Week. Our Spring one is getting yanked out from under us, apparently, too, something to do with Easter and... something. I think once I finish this I'm going to just about pass out from relief that it's about to be Thanksgiving Weekend. Although the chances of my actually getting anything constructive and academic done are as slim as usual, at least in this case I'll feel less guilty over it. ;)

Okay. Five and one half hours. I'm going.

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