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I love how the only technical criminal on the show thus far? Is a Canadian. *eyeroll*
She pulls it off relatively well; there *are* subtle differences, after all. Though when she corrected the Aussie farmer she didn't *quite* manage the proper level of offended dignity. ;)

I think I have lost most of any TV consumer squishiness I may have had. I can no longer blissfully just watch commercials. I can no longer resist the urge to yell at the TV. For example.

Car Commercial: "If a fifty-tonne bullet-train can glide on air, why not your SUV?"

Me: "Um... because an SUV doesn't run on a GIANT, MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR ELECTROMAGNET, jackass."

Oh. And can we all be amused by the Phillip Morris commercials telling everyone what wonderful corporate citizens they are for having Keep-Kids-From-Smoking and Here's-How-You-Quit programs? Except all their advice is so blindingly obvious I'm not sure it should really count. Also the irony is enough to crack your TV screen.

And then, presumably, cause the television to explode. And set fire to your living room. And cause you to die from smoke inhalation. Ah, irony. Within irony.

And then there's the dancing Swiffer housewives, who still send me into a killing rage.

Ah, yes. Television is truly making our planet a global village. *rolls eyes*

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