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They're all against me.

I had two papers due today. Both of them were late, but I had extensions due to the Hacking Death of last week.

The shorter was done Saturday. Of course, the longer of the two was begun around one AM, and finished at approximately three minutes past seven. So. Um. Not so much with the sleep.

My printer needs a new cartridge, so I couldn't print at home. "Well," I thought this morning, "I'll just print it at school." I then merrily saved a copy to a floppy disk, as well as a copy of the *other* paper I had due today and finished this morning, then realized it was seven AM. I spent the next six minutes running around like a chicken with its head cut off, then dashed out the door, just in time to catch the bus.

I had, of course, forgotten the floppy.

So after class, I came home, ate something, and went back to school, this time remembering the floppy. When I got there, in plenty of time, I discovered that the floppy was corrupt (or perhaps that there really *is* a technological conspiracy against me). I also discovered that the school's security (or something) would not allow me to access Fantasi's FTP, where I'd put a spare copy, in case just this sort of thing happened.

(I now have my school webspace up and running. Should have done that sooner, obviously.)

I came home. I uploaded things. I went back to school. I printed things. I cursed the BLOODY ELEVEN CENT PER PAGE PRINTING FEE (And before I am flooded with comparisons, I don't care what your school's printing fees are; they're *all* stupid. It is stupid to pay for a piece of paper and a smudge of toner when one is already paying thousands of dollars in tuition, large chunks of which are never directly applied to any actual education. Please remember, fellow British Columbians, that the point at which most of our parents started openly panicking about the decline of the public school system until they started asking us to bring our own printer paper. The end is nigh, I tell you. NIGH.) I arranged it properly, then was briefly traumatised by the giant robot stapler which was eyeing my fingers contemplatively (*thwack!* Like a guillotine.). Recovering, I gave it a stern look, and went on my way.

I then spent close to half an hour wandering the Academic Quadrangle in search of a room that, despite my TA's lighthearted instructions, does not seem to actually, strictly speaking, exist. Or maybe it was locked away behind a door. This is STUPID, as all the other departments have their mailboxes outside the main department office. Big, ugly wooden boxes. Not so in this case. I must have circled the Quadrangle four times (which is quite a big larger than one might realize when one does not habitually wander it aimlessly in search of something that DOES NOT EXIST). I passed several small groups of people hunched over laptops in the various lounges as I made my rounds. I passed them more than once. I think they must have thought me some kind of crazy person. It should be noted that this was at around nine-thirty at night. These are people who haunt the Arts faculty offices in the dead of night (nine is mor like the near-death experience of night, I guess). To their credit, they didn't start giving me funny looks or whispering amongst themselves 'til my third pass, but I think I know just enough fangirl Japanese to suspect that one group was taking bets on how many more times I would appear, caffienated beverage in one hand, paper in the other, lost and desperate expression in my eyes. (It occurs to me that one cannot really wanter aimlessly *and* habitually. Um. Pick one. Go with that.)

In any case, I have the paper, in papery, hardcopy form, but I couldn't submit it because the place he told me to submit it is ALL IN HIS HEAD. And I'm going to tell him so. (Or maybe I'll just try again tomorrow. *And* tell him so. Hah.)

Have 'til Tuesday for last paper for a couple of weeks. Should probably actually *do* the reading ahead of time, this time; fortunately this next one's much shorter and less booky.

Still need that video. Tried getting a temporary number from VPL so I could reserve it (I'm going down there with dragonfly13 for some environmental lecture thingy on Thursday, so I could pick up my permanent card and the video thin), but when I tried to use the number they gave me, it refused to log me in. So. Um. I don't know. Any suggestions? Anyone with a VPL card who will actually answer their phone so I can call them when I'm there and have them release it? Anybody? *blink, blink*

IRL note: Friday? What's going on, anyway? I have a dentist appointment at three, so I'll be out there one way or t'other. Should I bring anything? I still have Pride and Prejudice, so I'll bring that, obviously. Shall I come prepared to make cheese goo? Should I stop at Superstore? Anything?

I have chocolate, a new bandanna, I have driven back the fruit flies in the kitchen, and there are Gaiman books winging their way to me. This makes me happy. :)

Also, I seem to be regaining my ability to note-take whilst completely ignoring the instructor. I wrote the first three pages of The Sudden Night (the second Peacemaker book, the one with Presskin) in Archaeology today. Haven't got to any actual characters yet, but a qualified yay.

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