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Love this. (Spotted on apocalypsos's journal)

I find it sort of amazing that I have been listening to Sarah McLachlan for going on ten years now, and not only do I still respect her as an artist, I respect her more.

I am still coughing. Now it's the annoying, dry kind of cough that occasionally sends you into quasi-spasms. I can only keep from coughing by taking a sip of water every time I feel I'm about to, but drinking that much water makes it very difficult to sit through a two-hour class, it does. (I forgot to bring my water bottle to class, so I stopped in the student store and bought some, and the bottle had an expiry date on it. My water had an expiry date. I find this mildly alarming. o.O)

My head hurts. And my neck. A lot. And I still have to finish that *stupid* paper tonight. Ugh.

Okay. Food, nap, then work 'til dawn. *sigh*

EDIT: Stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought four boxes of macaroni & cheese (they were on sale). One of them was marked "three cheese", which looked interesting, so I bought it. Opening it to cook, I took a closer look and apparently the "three cheeses" are mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, and monterey jack.

News flash, Kraft: mild cheddar and sharp cheddar are not two different kinds of cheese. They are different degrees of the same kind of cheese (if you can call mild cheddar actual cheese - angry butter, I say). I now feel cheated and demand my third cheese. >.<

EDIT WITH STEADILY WORSENING HEADACHE: My Chapters order has been sent, hurrah!

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