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I swear, I was barely even looking.

Mum and Dad are watching Firefly not five feet from me. I am writing a history essay. It is not going terribly well, especially since I am having some difficulty paying attention. For example:

Laura’s actions continually set her apart from the hamlet; the fact that she learns to read earlier than other hamlet children and that she and her siblings are better educated than their peers does not precisely isolate her, but the people of the hamlet hold their family in some mild contempt for seeking to rise above their place. Laura’s family is different from the other families in the hamlet but still not particularly interesting because THIS IS A BORING BOOK WITH NO PLOT THAT JUST RAMBLES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL ENGLISH COUNTRY LIFE WAS IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY AND OHMYGODS WON’T SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP.

And this is why although it is generally much more fun to learn history from fiction, this is only an effective medium if the fiction is not mind-numbingly boring.


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