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My middlelittlesis is a plague maiden. She has given me her horriffic disease. I am all swollen and coughy and I am going to kill her when I get the chance. (I might not have to. >.<) I feel worse now than I did Monday. But I can't miss class again. I can't! I shouldn't... right? Argh. I could go to the clinic for real drugs but the one down the street frightens me. It is a chain. A chain clinic. o.O

Damnit, I don't have *time* to be sick. I have a paper and a reading-response-questions thingy to do for Friday. Friday! And I haven't done all the readings for either. Stop being sick immediately! *admonishes immune system*

EDIT: Yes, I watched Lost. Dom is a rock star? *snicker* Also, my money's on dinosaurs rather than King Kong. Any other theories?

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