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My gum wrappers have helpful pictograms of a little man putting litter in the correct receptacle. ;)

Dawdled excessively after class, reached New West station, decided to kill time waiting for bus by browsing in the Salvation Army store. Emerged with earthenware flowerpot for my violets (there was another, shallow bowl-shaped one I have my eye on for the theoretical marigolds that was too big to fit in my bag and I plan on going back for later), new hiking boots that are actually, really and truly almost brand-new, and the coolest pants in the world. They are dark green, sort of super-flimsy brocade, with tie-dye. I have green tie-dye pants. I rule the earth.

No... I lie. If I ruled the earth my tuition would have taken a significantly smaller chunk out of my finances. I figured out I can probably eat all year, though: I had a brief moment of panic after I paid Mum back and paid tuition and saw how much was left... but I've got my buy-in coming back from Kim, and my CST in January, and the rest of the government monies. I actually have some spare, counting food and everything. I am now debating whether or not I actually *need* the work-study...

Gods, so much reading this weekend. Have to finish Lark Rise to Candleford, which is far more historically accurate than it is good, and I'm only about a hundred pages in out of five hundred and thirty seven. And textbooks. I'm still not caught up. I have a paper due next Friday and another due the following Monday. Bleargh.

And that stupid film I missed is on hold by two other people and seems to be, at this precise instant, in transit to Surrey, damnit.

I am hungry. Hmm.

My slippers are blue and have clouds on them. ;)

EDIT: We're almost to the Imperial Roman expansion in HIST 316, yay! :D

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