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Well, week two is well begun, and I think I've got my classes more or less down. At least I think I can now locate most of them without referencing room number. On the subject of tutorials I am less confident, as they are uniformly located in the creepy dungeonesque parts of the campus. I have discovered a new route to/from school that's ten minutes shorter, barring traffic and idiots stuck in the doors of the Skytrain. I have most of my books, and Mummy bought me a school jacket (the soft zippy kind), and I even have a new bookbag. The amount of money owed my parents is now beyond "ouch" and hovering somewhere around "I sort of don't want to know". But that's all right; it's only marginally *my* money anyway, and we all know I'd have had to spend it one way or the other.

I am bored. I haven't really got any excuse to *be* bored; I've got roughly eighty-five pages of textbooks to read, this week, and most of a novel, too. But I'm bored. I think I'm actually just people-bored. We need to *do* something, people. It's a sobering moment when you realize you haven't actually *spoken* all day, except "sorry" when someone bumps you on the train. (I didn't even talk to *myself* today. It is creepy and weird.)

Someone was talking about back-to-school thrift shopping? Well, all right, I haven't got any money yet, but I should, tomorrow. I'm thinking it was Nadja. Nadja? There's an SPCA thrift store two blocks from me that I didn't know about, even.

Okay. Going to go be studious and read, now.

Ooh. After devilled egg. Because I am hungry, and tea, because I am caffiene-starved.


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Sep. 13th, 2004 09:56 pm (UTC)
A Combined Jen Is Back/Chick Flick Day is in the making. I think it's going down at Kim's. (Is that right Kim?) There will be Girly Movies and possibly... the FIRTHANATOR! *girly squeels*

There should also be that yummy Ben and Jerry's mint stuff. Bad Jen, giving me yummy ice cream. Now I want more.

I think Jen gets back sometime in the next week or so.
Sep. 13th, 2004 11:07 pm (UTC)
She told me November first. o.O

...but yay?
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