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I'll let you know how this week has gone once it's over, I swear.

Getting off the Skytrain at Production Way this morning, there were half a dozen Student Union members handing things out, yelling at the top of their lungs: "Take one! You'll want one! Really!" I took one of the packagey things, and found

1. A fruit leather (breakfast!), 2. a flyer advertising VanCity credit cards, and 3. a magic foldey pocket transit map!

Nadja, were they handing them out at UBC today? They may have only been doing it at Commercial Drive/Broadway, now that I think about it, at the bottom of the stairs, as they were at Production. I tried to get another one on the way back, y'know, in case you couldn't find one, or in case Kim or Rissa wanted one (because I don't think they're getting UPass 'til next semester), or hell, even for the purposes of properly indoctrinating Ki into the transit system, but I couldn't get to them. Crowd. *shrug* I will try again on the way out there this afternoon.

In other news, one of my headphones has suddenly ceased to function. This irritates the crap out of me, as they are less than a year old, damnit. I wonder if I still have the warantee around here somewhere... because I have no qualms about bitching out Future Shop, of all places. >.<

Mum's going to meet me on campus tomorrow and we're going to have lunch, and then she's going to buy my books, because some of them I have to start reading for Monday, and my money doesn't come 'til Tuesday, and I'm trying very, very hard not to get behind, this semester, and because my Mummy loves me and I have no problem taking their money. The more so because I have to pay them back when I *get* my money, and at least this way there are airmiles being won. I'm putting my tuition on their credit card too (and I'll *have* money by then), for the same reason. At this rate, I'll have accumulated enough for Britain by next summer. *conspiratorial cackle*

Huh. I've watched nothing but CSI since Monday. o.O

My head hurts. Ow. Tea.

EDIT: In my Prehistory of Canada class, the final paper is interchangable with a research project, aka: Building a Replica of Something Old and Cool. Like a model of a salmon weir. Or building a stone axe and seeing how efficient it is, ie: time required for fabrication vs. duration of resultant tool. Guess which one I'm doing? ^.^

I had something else to say, but bugger, I can't remember. >.

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