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Trekkie thoughts

Okay. I'm a lifetime Trekkie. I am. But I've seen Voyager a few times through, now, and I just have to ask: what the hell was Starfleet thinking, promoting Janeway?

I mean, let's look at her record. Straight off the bat, not even a week into her very first command, she botches a perfectly simple assignment from Starfleet Intelligence to track down one measly little Maquis ship which was apparently not even important enough to warrant more than one Cardassian spy, and that one not very good at her job, let's face it. Good operatives do *not* fall in love with their primary target and then get caught out by accident. (By a holographic Starfleet doctor that is not Julian Bashir, no less. That's got to be embarassing.)

Gets her ship lost in the Delta Quadrant, more or less on purpose. Collaberates with terrorists: gives them field commissions! (*thinks very little of the noble Maquis*) Loses a quarter of her crew in seven years. Violates the Prime Directive with a regularity that rivals the record of James Kirk. Commits "necessary" genocide not once, not twice, but three times under, all right, arguably necessary circumstances, but hardly in keeping with Starfleet doctrine. Oh, and let's not forget: TEAMED UP WITH THE BORG, resulting in a very severe, albeit brief secondary threat from an alien race that proved to be a much greater threat *than* the Borg, said threat averted only through the judicious application of First Officer Nookie Magic, aka Chakotay's Lips.

Returns home thanks to yet another rather impressively questionable command decision, placing the entire Alpha Quadrant at risk in the meantime, and what does Starfleet do? They make her an Admiral. Forget the questionable command decisions and the flagrant violations of the Federation's most sacred precepts; it was her first command.

And then they made another movie and STILL NO SPACE STATION MISFITS, damnit.

I blame Brannon Braga. >.

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