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*beats mercilessly upon Translink website*

These people must be paying about five dollars for wavelength, because every potentially busy commuting day of the year means two days previous of absolutely no bloody access via the website to any of their oh-so-useful utilities. >.<

Oh, well.

Never got one of those nifty maps with my UPass. Nadja, where can normal people get them? Can they be gotten? Or is it just UBC that distributes them apparently at random?

Gah, school tomorrow. Not 'til 5:30pm, but still, tomorrow. Did nothing today but lie about and watch CSI marathon, occasionally flipping over to Voyager marathon, but only occasionally, because the vast majority of the eps they put in the marathon were last-three-seasons eps, with Stupidly Distant Janeway and Disgusting Lovebird Seven/Chakotay, and Discovering Her Feelings Seven, which annoy me. Feel no shame for laziness. Have rest of week to run around like crazy person. Tomorrow must buy ice cream on way home. Will need, as only vaguely recall location of classes. Hope the Battlestar Galactica people are gone tomorrow. Otherwise could be inconvenient.

Okay. Shower, bed.

EDIT: Bugger. Also, find Post Office at which to negotiate government monies.

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