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Pretty Commercial Made by Provincial Government: We're adding 25,000 new post-secondary spaces!
Me: Uh... well, that should *almost* fill the deficit we have currently...
Province: But not all necessarily in places you want to go! In fact, some of them seem to have been created virtually at random!
Me: ...okay, somewhat less useful.
Province: And look how beautiful is British Columbia! *happy glowy inspiring music and sweeping horizon shots*
Me: Well, all right, that I can get behind...
Province: come to school here, World!
Me: Wait... wait...
Province: 'Cause we're making all these new spaces! For you!
Me: No! No! Don't tell *them*! That's not enough spaces for the people that are already here!
Province: And pay another thirty percent more in tuition because we're trying to turn this into a cash cow! Tra la la, we are evil capitalist fuckwits!
Me: *shaking fist* One more year, bastards...

EDIT: These new Tim Horton's commercials with the tea are both ridiculous and disturbing. The lady scares me and hey, guys? Steeping tea? Revolutionary. Good call. *eyeroll*

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