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Listening to Shoebox Project. *teeny squee*

So I finally get all my stupid transcripts/tuition/etcetera crap sorted out, and now there is new Insurance Crap. At least I can pay my rent - borrowed it from Mum, obviously. But for some reason my insurance went up $240 when I moved and that was *not* on the policy they printed out and handed me when I went in to change it. Furthermore I've called three or four other insurance companies and they're giving me numbers *lower* than was my premium on the last policy. So understandably, I am pissed. Am trying to get ahold of Mum so that she can check her Magic Abuse of Government Powers Database and tell me whether these really-much-cheaper people are dodgy or legit. Then I will return to BCAA and shove the new numbers in their evil faces/threaten to move, politely. (Which will be somewhat less of a threat than an actual plan, 'cause $575? Is too much.)

Um, yes. *emails Mum again*

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