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By the way, SFU offered me work-study. $1400-worth. Stuff like databsing artwork and researching and interviewing for research for profs who don't really want to pay their own assistants. Think I might take it. Will see after I pay tuition and what's left then and I can actually apply. (Love how they call it an "award". *snerk*)

I should really be doing something productive. I'm not. I'm reading Mercedes Lackey and watching (redundantly) bad Voyager. And idly wishing they would moviefy the Valdemar books. At least the Talia ones. They make the (disproportionately large) thirteen-year-old part of me all warm and fuzzy. ;) I feel no shame. :P

And... um... hmm. I thought I had something else. I can't remember what it was. Hope it wasn't important. o.O

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