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We're here, and alive, albeit a little soggy. (I really, really like this hostel, btw. It seems to be international law to paint hostels in bright, clashing solid colours. ;)

Jen, I will be attempting to call you at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning. I will also try calling you tonight, but just once, because I don't really want to wake you up twice. (That made more sense in my head, I swear.) But, yes. If you do see this, breakfast? We plan to set out for MacMillan by noon; we will wander the harbour a bit first, though, so maybe we'll see you in the store (if you're working there tomorrow) if not at breakfast. But I will call you. We have to get the car by eight, so I'll probably call you around seven.

Um... it's raining. A lot. *beam* So glad it's raining. Otherwise would be unnatural. After all, I was driving on a relatively unfamiliar road in the dark. Of course it rains. *eyeroll*

Okay. Midnight now. Sleep probably good plan. Also girl peeking 'round door stalking public terminal. Off I go.

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