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My evil traitorous monitor died this morning (yesterday morning, whatever), so I had to take it in to get it fixed. It is now languishing (serves it right) in the Radio Shack loading dock, waiting to be sent off tomorrow (this morning) to be fixed. The whole thing really pisses me off, because this is the second time it has done this, and last time it was *just* a melted circuit and I had to pay ninety-six dollars to get some guy to pry open the back, sodder a few wires, and send it back to the store. This time they quoted me eighty-four, I guess 'cause it's older, but if they call me with an estimate higher than that I'll... well, probably take it anyway, okay, I admit it. I *love* my monitor when it's working and it would be very hard to replace it because it has that weird thing where the speakers are hooked into the power through the back of the monitor and they're really *good* speakers, and I don't want to have to get new ones that would cost me MONEY when I'd already be paying two hundred dollars for a new monitor, and yes I know I'll have spent that much getting it fixed twice once I get it back but there's, y'know, a difference between intellectually acknowledging the fact that hey, you've already spent two hundred dollars, and actually having two hundred dollars altogether at one point in time to spend on a new monitor and possibly another thirty for decent speakers that do justice to stereo.

I love my speakers. :(

And it could be THREE WEEKS. And I had to borrow my old monitor from Faya's computer (which she hasn't used more than a handful of times since I set it up, btw, so if she throws a fit, lilymc, you tell her I said my needs were greater and to go to hell and die), which is thirteen inches and my regular one is seventeen, and I know I'm a spoiled little techwhore (I was *raised* that way!) but it's just so very SMALL. Okay, it's pretty high-res, it's not a *bad* monitor, it's not particularly blurry or anything (though mine's clearer), but it's *small*. And I had to borrow speakers (and we got home and realized the adapter wouldn't work, so we had to go all the way back to Maple Ridge because we'd rented a movie and it's due back tomorrow and otherwise it would be an even bigger waste of time) from lilymc, and it just ocurred to me that that last side-comment is going to go unread because the brat's at Camp Narnia (note to self: get postcards tomorrow/today) and won't see this 'til she's already back and hopefully so is my monitor, but these speakers are inferior to my speakers, and if I turn them up above level six with the TV or the DVD player they buzz. *sulks*

Stupid bloody monitor. Hmm. Maybe I can write this off as a school supply... *plots* *ponders*

And I was going to phone dianahobart because she said they were going out to UBC tomorrow and she knows the campus better and would tourguide it better for groundskeeper than I would, but after the whole adapter thing I forgot until just now, so if you do see this before you go tomorrow (today), Nadja, phone me?

Okay. Is now very late, and damnit, this monitor *is* blurry, I can barely read the clock. *sulks some more*

EDIT: We rented Matchstick Men. Good, though I *totally* did not see that coming, and I called the guy with the gun a good minute in advance.

UNCREATIVELY NAMED EDIT: I saw a girl last week wearing a black t-shirt printed only with "WTF?!" in white. I laughed *way* too hard for a random passing stranger. She may have thought I was insane. (Not that she's *wrong* - I'm just not *that* kind of insane. ;)

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