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Seeing LOTR *again* tomorrow, with Dad. Haven't been with him yet... and considering that he's even more of a Tolkiengeek than I am, this will be interesting... ;)

I got pretty things for Christmas. Among these were about... um... well, a whole lot of DVD's, including Shrek, Willow (squee!), the Ep One DVD, Hackers, and the entire first season of X-Files from Aunty Sue. And I got the Bakshi LOTR on DVD from Shannon (the delightfully cheesy one... ;) and the soundtrack from the proper movie. Unfortunately, I can't watch any of them 'til I go back to school, as Mum and Dad don't have a DVD player.

Got a discman too - since my old one died on the way to Muncton in August. And I got an M&M's dispenser from Shannon's parents... though I also got one from my courtesy aunt and uncle - so now I have two. One to fill and keep out, the other to put in the closet and gather value. Heh.

Hmm... ate obscene amounts of food on Christmas Day. Though I ate macaroni instead of turkey... ;) And I'm still mocking the itty tiny little Christmas tree we have.

Need to buy a proper coat, still, before I go back, to where it's cold. And boots. I should ask Lise the address of where she got hers...

Boxing Day made the malls even more frightening than Christmas Eve. Ye gods. There were forty-person lineups outside *everything*. Eventually we gave up and went to SallyAm and Value Village instead... and got a hell of a lot more stuff. Of course. And I think I'm turning Ki into a thrift-shopper. I'm all proud and stuff. :D

*yawns* It's quarter to midnight. I suppose I should go look at my lists now...

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