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I'm having this quandry.

I've always wondered why Canadians aren't more patriotic. I mean, sure, we've got that whole thing where we hate the Americans, (:P) but other than that, we've got very little which unites us as a country, y'know, really inspires our national pride. 'Merkins have this almost frightening patriotism... one that almost makes other countries flinch when they come into contact with it. I'll never forget the story my mum told me about the star-spangled fireworks at Disneyland and how my little sisters actually got a little *scared* and asked to leave. I shuddered.

Don't get me wrong - patriotism is an important thing. What I'm saying is that we as a country maybe need more of it. I mean come on - we've got beer, we've got Nanaimo Bars... we've got trees and beavers and rivers and stuff. We've also got one of the lowest national crime rates, the probably lowest levels of racism in the world (which granted, isn't saying much, but still...). Shouldn't we be prouder?

I admit it - I'm a cynic. I'm also a raving conspiracy theorist by most definitions - blame pop culture, specifically the X-Files, for that one. But I've got patriotism... most people do, on some level. And I really do. I'm *proud* of being a Canadian citizen. I wouldn't give it up. And I am, for the most part, proud of my country. But if there's one thing among the bunch that needs fixing, bulking up a bit, it's our national pride. See, it's a ninety-pound weakling.

It's the one day of the year when we Canadians do something proud about partying and getting drunk for our country. But the rest of the year, it's like we forget where we are. It makes me a little sad.

I really wanted to do something today/tonight... for more reasons than one. And now I'm kinda depressed 'cause I haven't.

I think I'm going out for donuts w/Disa soon... we'll toast with Timbits.

See? We've also got Tim Horton's. We live in a damned fine country, we do. And to quote a beer commercial... I Am Canadian. Wheee, Canada Day. Happy Birthday, Canada. :)

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