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Still in Ridge.

I just got through catching up on my Friends page.

It took me two days, you bastards.

In other news, I apparently have no more classes, yay! Except those two exams, boo. But otherwise, I'm done. I do need to sell back my books in the near future. *checks bookstore page* Okay, bugger. The dates are not up on the bookstore page. And all I remember is that there was a today and a tomorrow. I can't remember the dates for New West. Bugger. mik100? Do you remember? Or are you going out today where you will see the posters? If so, will you write down all the dates?

Hmm. Cartoons.

EDIT: I do have Dexcon pictures, really. I just have to find a free USB cable somewhere in this house to download them. With eight bloody computers in the house, you wouldn't expect it to be that difficult. o.O

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