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*contented sigh*

I love the west coast. It's sunny and almost warm out today. There's still that chilly bite in the air, but this is far superior to freaky sub-arctic maritime temperatures. And there are bushes flowering in our yard! I don't know if that's a sign of the weirdly warm Pacific side weather, or we just have neurotic flora. Ah, well.

I'm going into Van in a bit - I must see Robin-Kim before Xmas, and give her her pressie. I'm almost completely finished my Xmas shopping. Just have to get a few more online people pressies, and stuff for my courtesy cousins... I was going to get them cute little X t-shirts, but they were expensive, and I forgot. That's okay. Three and four-year-olds are easily impressed.

Now, if the buses are only on time... *crosses fingers*

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